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Marriage, Military, & Miscellaneous Records for the Wingfield Branches

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Marriage Records:

Samuel Carrier
Juliet Ray Dunn
February 12, 1880

Albert Cowles
Ruth Wingfield
November 19, 1849

Leslie Cowles
Golda Wingfield
June 29, 1918

William A. Cowles
Mary E. Wingfield
January 15, 1890

Andrew Doyel (Doyle)
Ollie Wingfield
December 12, 1900

Isaac Graham
Elizabeth Wingfield
January 22, 1850

John Graham
Rutha Wingfield
October 8, 1890

Morgan Holder
Hallie Wingfield
July 30, 1918

Andrew Logsdon
Mollie Wingfield
August 13, 1918

Jesse Manco
Annie Wolf
September 3, 1926

George Mills
Sarah Wingfield
December 5, 1876

B.I. Ray
Augenitia Crump
May 24, 1861

B.I. Ray
Harriet Davis Roof
September 5, 1903

B.I. Ray
Elizabeth Vincent
February 14, 1878

B.I. Ray
Mary York
March 2, 1887

Benjamin I. Raymer
Margaret Raymer
June 3, 1875

Jacob Vincent
Minnie Ray
June 9, 1887

Jacob Vanmeter Wingfield
Elizabeth Shipley
May 29, 1859

James Wingfield
Sarah Ray
September 26, 1889

James Wingfield
Fannie Wolf
September 3, 1926

James Iro Wingfield
Stella Brown
March 3, 1914

Military Records:

Pendleton Q. Ray, Civil War


James Wingfield Will

Wingfield v Wingfield

Jarvis Wingfield and Hannah Wynne
Research by Michael Wingfield Walker

Golda Wingfield Cowles is the cousin of Lieutenant General Winfield Scott

Jesse H. and Cynthianna Crump, Deed of Trust
September 9, 1848, BkE p64-66 and Bk F p618-620

Jesse H. Crump, Hatcher v Ray Supreme Court Decision
June 3, 1886

Heirs of Jesse H. Crump, Various Grantor Deeds, 1874-1883
BkJ 574-575; BkL 53-55; BkM 355-357

B.I. Ray Heirs, Grantor
April 2, 1903, BkV pg 268-285

Edmonson County Marriage Index by Bride

Edmonson County Marriage Index by Groom

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